Friday, 29 July 2011

C-Mone New Album 'Dancing With Mirrors' - 01.08.11

It feels like a long time since we heard from C-Mone, but we are happy to say she is back with a new album which drops on Monday 1st August 2011 titled 'Dancing With Mirrors' (released via Dark Whisper Records). Buy Now via Amazon.

For those of you not familair with C-Mone she used to be an original member of Outdaviille a rap collective from Nottingham. And in 2005 MC C-Mone was crowned 'BEST Female MC' at the Lyric Pad UK Hip Hop. Since starting out at the age of 16 C-mone has been dedicated to her music and has had many successful releases.
Album Track Listing

1. R.I.P Feat. Werd

2. Laying in the Poppy Fields/ The New Romantics

3. Mind Control, it’s more than just a brand, it’s a lifestyle

4. Sometimes Feat. Lee Ramsay

5. Away

6. Up

7. I NO (Pt2)

8. Love 2012 Feat. Yung UK, Face, Skeme, The Ringleader-Cizi & Papi

9. Everyday Amazin

10. Fort APACHE; ARTICLE 8, GENtrification

11. Diva

12. Earth Love 2060 Feat. Nick Stez

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