Friday, 4 May 2012

FEROmedia Presents Roucheon - Golden Rain

New music video from Roucheon; 'Golden Rain' off her debut solo album 'Love Royelle' NOW available on itunes .

Read our latest interview with Roucheon here
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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Szjerdene - Patchwork The EP [OUT NOW]

Szjerdene is one of my fav UK singer-songwriters, so it's always exciting to hear she has new music coming out. ‘Patchwork The EP’ is released on Wonderful Ear Records which features four lushes tracks.

Buy 'Patchwork' The EP Here

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PMOI Live: Tawiah, Szjerdene, Morgan Zarate - 02.05.12 are back this month with a special series of live events at the C.A.M.P. in Shoreditch starting TODAY

Monday, 30 April 2012

Women for Africa Awards UK - 19.05.12

The ‘Women for Africa Awards UK’ 2012 takes place on 19th May 2012 . The award will feature a a number of women of African origin from various categories such 'BUSINESS WOMEN OF THE YEAR', 'AUTHOR/BLOGGER OF THE YEAR, MEDIA PROFESSIONAL OF THE YEAR and many more. As well as for their hard work, efforts, contributions and achievements.

Friday, 20 April 2012

The WAH Nails Book of Nail Art

You got to love Sharmadean Reid the talent and business women behind Wah Nails for building up her business to where it is now. So to hear that she has launched a book makes me even happier.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

INTERVIEW: Roucheon Iloyi

We caught up with one of our fav singers-songwriters and one half of gospel group Royal Presithood Roucheon Iloyi to discuss her new solo project and album, plans for 2012, jewelley line and her talented kids.F.A.S.A. Is this your first solo album?

Roucheon: Yes this is.

F.A.S.A. How does it feel going it alone on this project?

Roucheon: It feels really good and creatively it's a different sound that's more personal.

F.A.S.A: Can you tell us a little more about the new album ‘Love Royal’, I notice the word royal feature’s a lot within your music projects.

Roucheon: The album 'Love Royelle' is a mixture of soul and hip hop all the production done by Smooflow my partner, it features 16tracks that I have written and composed myself. I love the concept of royalty as to me it gives a sense of importance, the state of which we should think, everyone should feel royal, as a woman especially there is a beauty woman uphold.

F.A.S.A: Would you describe this album as a straight out gospel album?

Roucheon: The album I feel is an inspirational album

F.A.S.A: I am really looking forward to hearing the rest of the album and I particularly love your single ‘ Mid-night Melody‘. What is the process you go through when writing songs or coming up with concepts for an album?

Roucheon: Thank you. For the most part I hear a beat that speaks to me and write what I feel on it, I love music so I listen to production with the intent of matching the mood with lyrics. Songs are always in my mind as I am inspired by everything around me so I write daily.

F.A.S.A: You’re a mother of 3 beautiful kids, how do you balance family life and your music career?

Roucheon: I make sure to keep positive and balanced within, I find that if I am healthy within myself I can handle balancing everything else I need to manage, I work hard to prioritize what's important and I have a great partner so team work helps.

F.A.S.A: do you have any advice for other mothers or expecting mothers trying to juggle a music career and motherhood?

Roucheon: Keep your environment positive, especially your mind. Having children does not mean you have to stop fulfilling your dreams, if you can, keep a good support system around you, and rather than pressure yourself with the expectations from society of motherhood and what you should do keep a clear mind and take little steps building your goals. Motherhood is a full time role in itself so use what you have around you wherever possible, there are books and the internet available for our access at all times so these can help you achieve goals in your own time and space

F.A.S.A: While we are on the subject of your family, tell us what it’s like to be from a family of talented individuals, firstly your group Royal Priesthood consists of your husband Femi Iioyi (aka Smooth) and yourself. And recently your boys kieyen and Khaliyl have had global attention via the www with their youtube video’s of them rapping, even featuring on the Ellen Show.

Roucheon: Its always interesting in our lives, I feel very blessed to have the family I do. My husband is an inspiration a gifted man working together has been a special part of our lives, to be honest I have never known anything else, there's always been creativity constantly in my family life even when I was growing up as my mother is a singer, so to me it is very natural. What amazes me though is to see how my children are, at home its like we are all one big group, they hear music as if it were their heartbeats.

F.A.S.A: Will we see a family music group forming in the very near future, like the Jackson 5’s or the Osmond’s?

Roucheon: We are so close knit; we will follow each other wherever we go, so you never know!

F.A.S.A: As a musician you seem very reliant, what we would call a DIY career, from songwriting, producing, music video making and editing to the whole promotional aspect. You do this alongside your husband and other half of Royal Priesthood. How important do you think DIY music is for many up and coming musicians trying to break into the music industry?

Roucheon: It always depends on your personal vision, for us its been the best choice. Its given us the freedom and the power to be in charge of what we create whilst keeping connected to the people. There is a lot that comes with music, there is the business side so as artists we always need to be educated about it and the experience of doing things yourself can give you valuable insight on keeping successful and building a long term career as the industry is ever changing

F.A.S.A. What other musicians inspire you musically?

Roucheon: I'm a music lover, I draw inspiration from all genres, My mother is a great inspiration to me musically, I've discovered a jazz musician Gregory Porter who I'm loving at the moment but there are so many musical geniuses I draw from Bob Marley to Ella Fitzgerald to Wu-Tang clan I find that music when its authentic speaks the same language

F.A.S.A: Where can people go to buy the album and find out more about you?

Roucheon: The album is available on iTunes, digital release on the 16th April, I am on Facebook and twitter Roucheon Iloyi, website

F.A.S.A. What else do you have planned for 2012?

Roucheon: Promotion for the album, I currently have 2 videos 'Never Gone' and 'Mid night melody' and I'll be shooting a video for every track on the album. I've been nominated in two categories at the 'Woman for Africa' awards in May and will perform there; I also have a jewellery line called 'Love Royelle' so I plan to develop the brand.

F.A.S.A: Any shot outs you would like to make?

Roucheon: A huge thank you to everyone that has been supporting the single 'Never Gone' on iTunes, supporting the release of this album and all the work over the years, THANK YOU

For more on Roucheon visit the websites below

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Monday, 9 April 2012

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Vula - 'Diva Geeks' Album Release & Launch Party

The goreous and fun loving Vula with the power house voice has an album coming out. Wop wop I hear you say. The album 'Diva Geeks' will be available on iTunes and Amazon worldwide on the official release date (23rd April 2012). With a star packed launch night party including Dj's Eric Lau and E Plus, the launch takes place on 12th April 2012 @ The City Arts & Music Project (Basement) 70 – 74 City Rd, London, EC1Y 2BJ.

Vula and her team will have limited USB wrist bands on sale as well as exclusive copies of the album on the launch night.

Entry: 7pm - 1am
Cost: £6

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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Roucheon - Love Royal Released - 16.04.12

We have been eagerly awaiting for this album to drop and finally we have a date. So make sure you cope the album on Monday 16th April when it's released. This will be Roucheon's solo ablum titled 'Love Royal' which features my favourite track of 2011 'Mid night melody'.  If you like go support real talent.

Friday, 30 March 2012

Tiye Phoenix - Half Woman Half Amazing

I have been feeling Baltimoore rapper Tiye Phoenix for a number of years now. So I was really pleased to come across an in depth interview with her and hip-hop journalist Davey D (2008). In the interview she talks about emceeing and production skillz. 

Thursday, 29 March 2012

TedxBrickLane - Redefining the DJ’ - 29.03.12

TEDxBrickLane is a non-profit event looking at 'Redefining the DJ’. The event is being held on Thursday 29th March 2012 from 18.00-23.00

The aim of TEDx Brick Lane is to readdress the common conceptions of the ‘Disc Jockey’ - including where this term originated, how it has changed and developed in recent decades, why the DJ plays an increasingly more prominent role in society and the stamp that DJs have made on popular culture in general. Helping us explore these ideas is a collaboration of people with an expert knowledge and passion for music, made up not only of DJs themselves, but also music producers and academics, instrument designers and music entrepreneurs.

Venue: Vibe Bar Old Truman Brewery 91 - 95 Brick Lane E1 6QL London
Time: 18.00-23.00
Ticket: pre-registered event see website for more info

List of Speakers Click here 

Watch it LIVE tonight click here

Follow on Twitter @TEDxBrickLane / #TEDxBrickLane's

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Day of the Goddess - I Am Present I Am Enough - 25.03.12

Day of the Goddess 2012 presents an all Inclusive Women’s Celebration Day, packed full of inspirational speakers, workshops, market stalls and entertainment. The event is co-produced and hosted by singer songwriter Redhed QI aka Guushiie Lala.

Date: Sunday 25th March 2012
Time: 12:00-19:00
Location: The Unity Centre 103 Church Road, London NW10 9EG

Friday, 2 March 2012

Sister Elements Present “Grandma’s Party” - 30.03.12

Sister Elements or other wish know as Sarah Sayeed will be launching a brand new night titled “Grandma’s Party”.

The night will feature the best in UK Hip Hop Djs and upcoming talent including SARAH LOVE and EXCALIBAH plus many more. As well as the EXCLUSIVE SCREENING of the new film 'HIP HOP HAD A DREAM' featuring TY, Bashy & Ghostface Killah!

Sarah Sayeed  will be headlining the night, with a special showcase of tracks from her new album due for release later in the year. The night also includes;

ESKA: English Skies @ South Bank Centre 07.05.12

This is probably one of those epic events for 2012 that shouldn't be missed really.  May 7th sees a special show by Eska presenting a full length show of her debut album English Skies at Queen Elizabeth Hall at South Bank Centre.

Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Do you think you have what it takes to be the 2012 Zeitgeist. Are you aged between 18-24 yrs and doing things that are making a difference to the world. Zeitgeist is an event by Google winners are given access to 400 of the most influential business leaders and key visionaries from around the world come together to share their perspectives on global issues. Speakers have included Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Professor Stephen Hawkings, Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts and Google Chairman Eric Schmidt and Google CEO Larry Page
If you think you have what it takes then enter the competition which ends on March 19th 2012.

I know I would love to be a fly on the wall at one of these events there are going to be so many amazing speakers present.

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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Amanda Diva - This to shall pass [Video]

Latest video from Amanda Diva Seales titled 'This To Shall Pass'. Director by Q. Ledbetter ("Manchild", "Technicolor Lover on") music produced by Ski Beatz. The track features on Amanda's, "Technicolor Lover FreEP" which is available on 13th March from Gem from Amanda. I look forward to the EP release.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Estelle - AOM The Prequel Mixtape DOWNLOAD

Get the free Download of the mixtape from ESTELLE "AOM: The Prequel" Hosted by Don CannonDownload here.

Also look out for her new album "All Of Me" available from Tuesday 28th February.

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Monday, 20 February 2012

Ayanna Witter-Johnson UK Tour dates

One artist worth seeing live is Ayanna the very talented vocalist and cellist well be touring the UK between March and April.

Mar 03 - Barbican Centre - London, UK
Mar 07 - The Forge - London, UK
Mar 23 - The Sage - Gateshead, UK
Mar 24 - Rncm - Manchester, UK
Mar 26 - Barbican Centre - London, UK
Mar 28 - Theater Royal - York, UK
Mar 29 - Brighton Dome - Brighton, UK
Mar 30 - St . Georges - Bristol, UK 
Apr 01 - Birmingham Town Hall - Birmingham, UK

Friday, 17 February 2012

MissTaken Crew - Not to be underestimated!

My new fav female dance crew are Miss Taken Crew hailing out of Florida USA. The group consist's of 6 really cool dancers by the name of Brittany Anuez, Megan Batoon, Shell Griffith, Sam Lugo, Danielle Rodas, Jaidi "Rogue" Ventura. I think Megan is my fav dancer she has a real spunk about her. Check them out though each dancer has something special about them.

Manestream Beauty: Cut, Colour and Style - 04.03.12

A fun afternoon that will inspire you to take your hair to the next level. Three workshops covering shaping and cutting of natural hair, healthy colouring options and styles for different occasions.

Date: 4th March
Time: 12:00 - 5pm
Location: 73 Leonard Street, Shoreditch, EC2A 4QS
Price: £20 - Tickets click here

More Info:

“Rock The Mic” - The UK Female Allstars & Mikey J

So after last years excellent stage performance it was only right that they follow it up with a video. “Rock The Mic” features the UK Female Allstars which are A Dot, Baby Blue, Lioness, RoxXxan, Mz Bratt and Lady Leshurr and production from Mikey J.

Each artist has been busy for a number of years working on their own solo projects and building a name for themselves so It's nice to see them getting together to collaborate, . I feel female mc's don't get as much love here as they do in the States, but that's slowly changing with these mc's.

So sit back and check out the video produced by the The Soul Culture media power house.


Thursday, 16 February 2012

(FDC) 2012 Young Designer Awards

(FDC) Young Designer Awards has been running for a number of years now and in that time they have discover some gems of young fashion designers who have been given some amazing opportunities to showcase their collection to an international audience.

And this year is no exception. London’s Fashion Designers and Craft makers (FDC) 2012 Young Designer Awards and Monte-Carlo JEANSATION 2 competition will give young fashion talent an opportunity of a life time. So if you are a budding aspiring young designer this could be for you.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Become a Superhero @ South Bank 16.02.12

Want to become a super hero, heck I do! Wll you can with some assistants from artist Laura X Carle and storyteller Rachel Rose, who will help you decide what your superhero powers are during a work shop session held at The Core Ballroom at Southbank London on Thursday 16th February, 11.00 am FREE (Suitable for ages five to 12. Question why are all the good stuff left for young people?)

A moment With Mara Hruby

It's nice when two talented individuals collaborate. And this is one such callabo, Melinda James with the Visuals and Mara Hruby with her voice and songs. Director Melinda James (About Her Films) does an excellent job of taking us of an insightful journey portraying singer-songwriter Mara HrubyThe video shows her stories growing up, her influences, and style. 

A Moment With: Mara Hruby (Part 1) from About Her Films on Vimeo.

Melinda James - Website | Facebook | TwitterVimeo

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Women in Music and Entertainment networking evening

AIM's next event takes place on 26th March 2012. Women In Music & Entertainment will give women (and men!) working in the music and entertainment business the opportunity to hear from some of the industry's most successful and influential women, discussing how they made it to the top and the challenges they faced along the way.

Panellists will include:

Helena Morrissey CBE, CEO, Newton Investment Management
Alison Wenham OBE, Chairman & CEO – AIM (moderator)
More TBA.

For full details of the event click here. 

The event will finish with networking drinks, giving attendees the chance to make new contacts over complimentary drinks.

6.00 - 6.30PM - Registration
6.30 - 8.45PM - Keynote speakers and panel discussion
8.45 - 10.00PM - Networking drinks

Proud Cabaret, 1 Mark Lane, London, EC3R 7AH Book - Tickets click here

Female DJ's wanted for All Female Festival (Delhi India)

DME Presents the 2nd Annual WOMEN IN MUSIC ALL FEMALE DJ FESTIVAL taking place on 18th april-22nd April 2012 in Delhi India. The festival will take place over 4 days across 12 venues and feature up to 22 femaleDJ's


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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Kate Tempest Records Album Live @ BAC 09-10.02.12

This is really an exciting event Kate Tempest spoken word diva records her new Spoken Word album LIVE at BAC in front of an audience, with support from very special guests. Telling new poems and some old gems many of you would have heard.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Women's Social Leadership Awards 2012 - Entries open!

The 6th OGUNTE International Women's Social Leadership Awards will take place on June 18th 2012 in London.  The award recognise the achievements of women in the UK and abroad, influential female leaders, connectors, campaigners and social entrepreneurs. 

It's a great opportunity for the finalists and winners who will get the exposer, insights, learning, referrals to potential investors, and opportunities for high value peer-to-peer mentoring.
Deadline for applications: 16th March 2012 

For further details and how to apply click here 
Good luck

Monday, 6 February 2012

Brit Awards 2012 - BEST BRITISH FEMALE (Parody Song)

This is funny Jenny Bede does a good job of impersonating Jessie J & Adele, Kate Bush, Laura Marling and Florence.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

VH1 100 Greatest Female Artist

February sees VH1 hosting the "100 Greatest Women In Music" special. Get VOTING as many times as you like by clicking here.
How does one chose the top female artists out of 100. So what ever your music preference; rock, pop, or RnB or artist, whether it's Mary J Blige, Robyn, Aaliyah, Lauryn Hill, Sade or Sara Bareilles  who would you vote for? 

And make sure to tune into the 100 Greatest Women in Music LIVE Monday, February 13 only on VH1.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Bella Howard presents "LOVE BUZZ - 03-18.02.12

Photographer Bella Howard presents LOVE BUZZ at St Martins Lane, where she will be showcasing her second exhibition. Catch the exhibition from 3-18 February from 12-6pm at The Front Room Gallery, 45 St Martins Lane London WC2N 4GHX. FREE Entrance
Website | Twitter | Blog

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Red Bull Music Academy - Applications NOW OPEN

It's crazy how the year just flies by, it's that time of year again the very popular Red Bull Music Academy is back and the applications open TODAY . Yeap you read right.

So if your over 21 and your a producer, Instrumentalists, MC, Singer, DJs, Engineer, Broadcaster, Laptop Lapdancer, Guitar Guerrero, Soulful Songwriter, any genre bascially anyone, then this could be the opportunity for you.

Previous academdy's have been held in Berlin, Toronto, London, Melbourne, Cape Town and in 2011 Madrid was the lucky city. This years Academy’s 2012 heads to the big apple - NYC.

So do't delay get applying - click here

Applications open TODAY – April 2.
Workshops Sept 30 – Oct 12 and Oct 21 – Nov 2

The Something Girls Club - Questionnaire

I am hoping you can all spend a couple of minutes helping out our girl Janine from The Something Girls Club ( T.S.G.C) by answering a short questionnaire. The aim of the questionnaire is to help Janine to tailor her service in supporting women involved in the creative arts by creating paid opportunities, access to work experience & mentors, a space to network amongst other female creatives and lastly a platform to showcase their work.

It’s quick and easy you just need to click here:

If you would like to know more about T.S.G.C then drop her an email or

For more information on Janine Francois visit BITCHESZINE.COM or via Twitter

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Tor Cesay ft Meleka "Give it time' [VIDEO]

Tor drops her latest single 'Give It Time' which drops on Febuary 13th 2012 and features singer Meleka. It's nice to see more of these artists in 2012.

For bookings contact:


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