Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Yoru- Batik Designs [Interview]

We caught up with one of our favourite designers for this summer Christina Oshunniyi the young lady behind the vibrate and exciting collection and designs from Yoru-Batik. The label originally started as a one woman venture, that was until a voluntary trip to Ghana (Koforidua) gave her the opportunity to work with women living with  HIV/AIDS. Since launching a year ago Christina has been going from strength to strength and gaining many followers and buyers for her ethical Africa print and multi-wear harem outfits.

F.A.S.A: Welcome Christina to Female AllStars Academy, tell us a little about your new label Yoru-batik?
YB: Yorubatik is a label for people who want to fashionably stand out in Ankara, African prints and many more prints from Africa. It a unique opportunity to be bold with the freedom to express through your clothes.

F.A.S.A: Can you tell us a little bit about Christina Oshunniyi the person behind Yorubatik?
YB: A naija girl living in London but not forgetting her roots. 'You can take the girl out of Naija but not Naija out of the girl..'

F.A.S.A:  I understand your not a fashion designer by trade how did you get drawn into it?

YB: I love expressive arts. I trained in Perfroming Arts and my passion is married to fashion but I am lucky enough to be flexible to explore all my creative talents. I also like standing out in the crowd in terms of my clothing. I started customising my outfits, and I especially love charity shopping and from that people wanted to buy what I was wear so I figured why not cater to the needs of others who want to be different too....and most importantly cultural......

F.A.S.A: How and where do you get your inspirations for your designs and material’s?
YB: Africa...the motherland..Since my first visit to Nigeria, I have loved the colours, the prints worn at weddings, birthday parties but never really liked the old fashion style, so having the opportunity to wear as I please is superb.

F.A.S.A: The whole African fashion and influence has been picked up by the high street as well as designer labels what do you think of this?
YB: They are nice but that is fashion...everyone follows what the papers say but for me African prints will always be my fashion passion....

F.A.S.A: For any one starting out in the design and fashion industry what words of advice would you give?
YB: Stay unique and focussed but always keep things fresh and be forward thinking.

F.A.S.A: Who are your top designers and why?
YB: Yorubatik because they are different. I dont really have one..

F.A.S.A: Where can people go to buy your garments?
YB: from or via facebook - Yorubatik you can contact me direct

F.A.S.A: What next for Yorubatik?
YB: watch this space Yorubatik loves surprises.

F.A.S.A: What qualities do you think it takes to be a Female AllStars?
YB: strength and longevity

F.A.S.A:  Thank you and good luck with everything?

Links: Website |Facebook | Shop

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  1. I admire the style of your batik. It's unique and different from batik motifs I have ever seen.



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