Monday, 14 June 2010

Poetic Pilgrimage Star Woman Mixtape

When you see Poetic Pilgrimage don’t let the hijab fool you, these girls have bars, delivery and star quality. Star Women Mixtape is the latest release and much anticipated mixtape from rap duo Sukina and Muneera who make up Poetic Pilgrimage. Star Women is a 22 track  progressive, uplifting, powerful Hip-Hop music mix which features some of the best from the UK and US from Mohammed Yahya, Mr Drastick, Genesis Elijah, Logic, Sarina Leah,Invincible, Shadia Mansour, Aja Black, Aziza Brahim with Production by Beat Thief.The Star Women Mixtape is AVAILABLE NOW.

Stand out tracks are 'It's Bigger Than', 'Slicker than Your Average' and of course the 'Star Women Anthem' which  features some heavy hitters from Invincible, Shadia Mansour and Aja Black

Track Listing
1. A Star Women is Born
2. Intro
3. Star Women
4. It’s Bigger Than....
5. Affirmation (produced by Beat Thief, featuring Mr Drastick, Genesis Elijah and Logic)
6. Beautiful (produced by Beat Thief, featuring Sarina Leah)
8. Regresso (featuring Aziza Brahim)
9. Interlude – (Definition of a Star Woman 1)
10. Slicker than Your Average
11. Star Women Anthem (produced by Beat Thief, featuring Invincible, Shadia Mansour and Aja Black)
12. Lovin’ Lovin’ Me (Mic Where My Heart Used to Be)
13. I See You (produced by Beat Thief)
14. Silence is Consent (produced by Beat Thief) featuring Mohammed Yahya
15. I Carry
16. Interlude – (Definition of a Star Woman 2)
17. We Rock Eternally /Brooklyn Love (produced by Beat Thief)
18. Intergalactic Soul
19. Sweet As
20. Beautiful Part 2
21. Feels Like I’m in Love (featuring Sarina Leah)
22. Outro

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