Thursday, 10 June 2010

Maya Azucena, founded by Emmy-winning director Lisa Russell and her partner Grammy-winning singer Maya Azucena, is based on the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) intended to alleviate poverty around the world by 2015.  Of the eight goals issued by the United Nations, the only one lagging in progress is MDG #5 – motherhood and maternal health. makes available a diverse library of Art (Music, Film and Spoken word) from artists around the globe, available to be ”mashed-up” by users into custom Public Service Announcements on the subject of Maternal Health.  Cutting edge technology allows people at a local level to get involved with Maternal Health issues by telling their own stories in creative ways. These artistic tools, created at MDGFIVE.comcan be used to help women and girls by raising awareness of Maternal Health concerns and its related needs.

Click here to learn more and get involved.

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