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INTERVIEW: Rumel Jewels

F.A.S.A: Many will know you as a professional makeup artist, how did you get into jewelry making and designing.

Rumel: Many know me as a few things: a makeup artist, a trend setter, a music lover, a socialite and overall "creative person" Having graduated in Fashion Womenswear and then getting into makeup soon straight after by choice, it was inevitable I would go back into designing at some point, but I would have never thought it would have been jewellery.
It was a makeup job with Natalie 'The Floacist' (Floetry) that got me back into the designing flow of things, as I was asked to design and make Goddess themed pieces for her 'Let Me' music video from her first solo album 'Floetic Soul' and that's how Rumel Jewels came about.

F.A.S.A: Do you make your own jewelry?

Rumel: Rumel Jewels is all handmade. With the silversmith side of things, I make as much as I can then have it refined by a friend, jeweler, Cordelia J so it's finalized with craftsmanship and professionalism. With almost no formal training in jewellery making I feel I have no rules or restrictions from a design point of view that keeps things in true Rumelism style.

F.A.S.A: What was the inspiration behind using Swarovski Crystals for your jewelry?

Rumel: As three pieces of Rumel Jewels prototypes where made and used for a music video, I thought about how I could make the most of the camera lights and how it would bounce and reflect color off her body. Everyone likes a bit of bling, so I thought to make things affordable and elegant I chose to use Swarovski element crystal.

F.A.S.A: How would you describe the Rumel Jewel style?

Rumel: I would describe Rumel Jewels style as conceptual timeless pieces. It wont be a traditional jewellery brand, it may have collaborations with fashion and underwear.

F.A.S.A: What inspires your designs ideas, I particularly found the Crystal Pasties extremely beautiful but daring?

Rumel: I'm inspired by my lifestyle, I’m a free spirited, people person, I love to laugh and I don’t take life to seriously. The female form inspires me and my muse Irma Adinda, who's a quirky, bubbly, teen like being and what I see and what I don't see done in jewellery. The pasties are daring but with the current see through top trends take them from the bedroom to the catwalk.

F.A.S.A: What has been the highlight of starting a jewelry business?

Rumel: Being excited about back into design and designing something completely new with a new methodical order, learning a new technique and simply getting my hands dirty again.

F.A.S.A: What have been the most difficult elements of starting a jewelry business?

Rumel: The most difficult elements thus far for me has been the time the whole process takes. If I were designing a dress, once I have the fabric I could have it made in a day. Working with new materials I've had to comprehend a new process, which includes more time and precision.

Another has been getting the ear cuffs perfect, these went through a few sample phrases, including having them as lightweight as possible so they don't feel too heavy to wear. Another has been using stones in a prototype to then find out they are out of production. Turning that into a positive (as I'm a born optimist) I’d just make them a limited edition piece.

F.A.S.A: Which item would you say is your favorite piece in the collection and why?

Rumel: My favorite Rumel Jewels piece would have to be the ear cuffs because they make a statement and I’d consider them the most unique piece in the collection.

F.A.S.A: Are you a fan of other jewelry styles or designers, and what do you like to wear the most?

Rumel: I’m a fan of Solange Azagury Partridge, Bijules and Matina Amanita work. I like to wear minimal jewellery depending on my day. It may be Rumel Jewels rings with my everyday tragus hoops and my two snake bracelets. I like to keep it simple in the day.

F.A.S.A: You photo shoot for the collection features The Floacist (Floetry), how did that come about. And what other celebrities can you see wearing your jewels. I know I can see someone like Rhianna decked out with your jewels?

Rumel: Shooting with The Floacist was such an important part in the branding of Rumel Jewels as it was triggered off from our initial creative process from her Let Me, She could only do the Goddess pieces justice and she was happy to endorse the collection.  I can see a lot of artist, mostly American artists such as Kelis, Rhianna, Nikki Minaj and even Lady Gaga in Rumel Jewels as they are some of a few I find most daring in their style choices.

F.A.S.A: Where can people go to view and buy the full collection?

Rumel:, which will be up soon. As they are handmade it's made to order so you can email to view the pieces type in Rumel Jewels on Face book which will give you style detail as well as product name.

F.A.S.A: Do you have any business/entrepreneurial tips to give to the ladies out there that may be starting out on their own business?

Rumel: Have an idea, do your research, develop and believe in your idea. Get business support via a mentor and build a dependable team of people that you can work with.

F.A.S.A: What is your ultimate dream for Rumel Jewels and where do you see yourself in the future?

Rumel: The ultimate Rumel Jewels dream would be to internationally known and have boutiques in the main fashion capitals as well as in Asia. I see myself and my brand as ‘Rumel Limitless’ I’m passionate about the creative industry, be it fashion, makeup and even music.  

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