Thursday, 18 March 2010

Where did all the Independent woman go?

The late 90's and early naughties gave us girl power with the likes of Spice Girls and Destiney's Child singing about Bills, bills, bills and Independent Women.
2010 however seems to have gone the complete reverse, the lyrics in Teairra Mari's new song intitled “Sponsor" talks about how the shoe's and jewellery she wears is brought by her man in this case her sponsor.

"Yeah, yeah, he put them low profiles on my car
He treat me to a pedi plus manicure

Anything that I ask for from my sponsor

He go and bu-bu-buy, buy

A baby blue medallion I just got
My feet they speak Italian, walk so high

I told you, baby, thanks a lot my sponsor

He go and bu-bu-buy, buy, yeah

He ain’t no square, he just like to share
In love with the tipper throwing hundreds in the air
Throw some over here
And Louis, drop the Louis, put the Louis in my lap, damn..."

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