Tuesday, 17 April 2012

INTERVIEW: Roucheon Iloyi

We caught up with one of our fav singers-songwriters and one half of gospel group Royal Presithood Roucheon Iloyi to discuss her new solo project and album, plans for 2012, jewelley line and her talented kids.F.A.S.A. Is this your first solo album?

Roucheon: Yes this is.

F.A.S.A. How does it feel going it alone on this project?

Roucheon: It feels really good and creatively it's a different sound that's more personal.

F.A.S.A: Can you tell us a little more about the new album ‘Love Royal’, I notice the word royal feature’s a lot within your music projects.

Roucheon: The album 'Love Royelle' is a mixture of soul and hip hop all the production done by Smooflow my partner, it features 16tracks that I have written and composed myself. I love the concept of royalty as to me it gives a sense of importance, the state of which we should think, everyone should feel royal, as a woman especially there is a beauty woman uphold.

F.A.S.A: Would you describe this album as a straight out gospel album?

Roucheon: The album I feel is an inspirational album

F.A.S.A: I am really looking forward to hearing the rest of the album and I particularly love your single ‘ Mid-night Melody‘. What is the process you go through when writing songs or coming up with concepts for an album?

Roucheon: Thank you. For the most part I hear a beat that speaks to me and write what I feel on it, I love music so I listen to production with the intent of matching the mood with lyrics. Songs are always in my mind as I am inspired by everything around me so I write daily.

F.A.S.A: You’re a mother of 3 beautiful kids, how do you balance family life and your music career?

Roucheon: I make sure to keep positive and balanced within, I find that if I am healthy within myself I can handle balancing everything else I need to manage, I work hard to prioritize what's important and I have a great partner so team work helps.

F.A.S.A: do you have any advice for other mothers or expecting mothers trying to juggle a music career and motherhood?

Roucheon: Keep your environment positive, especially your mind. Having children does not mean you have to stop fulfilling your dreams, if you can, keep a good support system around you, and rather than pressure yourself with the expectations from society of motherhood and what you should do keep a clear mind and take little steps building your goals. Motherhood is a full time role in itself so use what you have around you wherever possible, there are books and the internet available for our access at all times so these can help you achieve goals in your own time and space

F.A.S.A: While we are on the subject of your family, tell us what it’s like to be from a family of talented individuals, firstly your group Royal Priesthood consists of your husband Femi Iioyi (aka Smooth) and yourself. And recently your boys kieyen and Khaliyl have had global attention via the www with their youtube video’s of them rapping, even featuring on the Ellen Show.

Roucheon: Its always interesting in our lives, I feel very blessed to have the family I do. My husband is an inspiration a gifted man working together has been a special part of our lives, to be honest I have never known anything else, there's always been creativity constantly in my family life even when I was growing up as my mother is a singer, so to me it is very natural. What amazes me though is to see how my children are, at home its like we are all one big group, they hear music as if it were their heartbeats.

F.A.S.A: Will we see a family music group forming in the very near future, like the Jackson 5’s or the Osmond’s?

Roucheon: We are so close knit; we will follow each other wherever we go, so you never know!

F.A.S.A: As a musician you seem very reliant, what we would call a DIY career, from songwriting, producing, music video making and editing to the whole promotional aspect. You do this alongside your husband and other half of Royal Priesthood. How important do you think DIY music is for many up and coming musicians trying to break into the music industry?

Roucheon: It always depends on your personal vision, for us its been the best choice. Its given us the freedom and the power to be in charge of what we create whilst keeping connected to the people. There is a lot that comes with music, there is the business side so as artists we always need to be educated about it and the experience of doing things yourself can give you valuable insight on keeping successful and building a long term career as the industry is ever changing

F.A.S.A. What other musicians inspire you musically?

Roucheon: I'm a music lover, I draw inspiration from all genres, My mother is a great inspiration to me musically, I've discovered a jazz musician Gregory Porter who I'm loving at the moment but there are so many musical geniuses I draw from Bob Marley to Ella Fitzgerald to Wu-Tang clan I find that music when its authentic speaks the same language

F.A.S.A: Where can people go to buy the album and find out more about you?

Roucheon: The album is available on iTunes, digital release on the 16th April, I am on Facebook and twitter Roucheon Iloyi, website

F.A.S.A. What else do you have planned for 2012?

Roucheon: Promotion for the album, I currently have 2 videos 'Never Gone' and 'Mid night melody' and I'll be shooting a video for every track on the album. I've been nominated in two categories at the 'Woman for Africa' awards in May and will perform there; I also have a jewellery line called 'Love Royelle' so I plan to develop the brand.

F.A.S.A: Any shot outs you would like to make?

Roucheon: A huge thank you to everyone that has been supporting the single 'Never Gone' on iTunes, supporting the release of this album and all the work over the years, THANK YOU

For more on Roucheon visit the websites below

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Youtube

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