Friday, 12 August 2011

Interview - C-Mone

Following from the release of C-Mone's latest album 'Dancing With Mirrors' (released via Dark Whisper Records) which dropped on Monday 1st August 2011 we managed to catch up with her for an interview to find out what she has been up to recently, to talk a little bit about the album and find out what's next.

F.A.S.A: What have you been up to in the last 5 years?
C-MONE: After 'The Butterfly Effect' album I released my first Mixtape 'C-Mone vs The Indie Boys' in 2009, this was then quickly followed by a feature on Endemic's long player 'Terminal Illness'.

I also released an E.P 'Barbie Analogue' a self produced project in 2009, here I featured on vocals and produced all of the music, which was cool. The 'Barbie Analogue E.P' also included project artwork by female graphic designer 'Trueform' based in Nottingham - it was really liberating. After these projects I spent two years working on the new album.

F.A.S.A: Your Album 'Dancing With Mirrors' dropped on Monday 1st August tell us about the vision behind it this project?
C-MONE: It's an album you really gotta listen to from start to end, the vision, the concept is exciting cause it's quite subjective - I'd say it's primarily about... life.

F.A.S.A: Do you have any planned tours to promote this album and can we expect an appearance in London?
C-MONE: After the new album's released I'll start to plan a show, I hope to do a small tour after this project or the next one, interested peeps have been asking for a minute. Performing in London is niiiiiice and definitely a must when the show is ready to roll out, I've had so many amazing times performing in London before - Scala and Dingwells being some of the highlights. I'm going take my time to piece it together - do it properly.

F.A.S.A: You have been in this game for a number of years now, would you say your sound has changed over this time and if so how?
C-MONE: I've always been real natural in my approach and any changes in sound are natural - there's been artistic growth.

F.A.S.A: Your one of a few female mc’s that are still going strong in the game why do you think this is?
C-MONE: The Femcee has to deal with all of the challenges women face in 2011, magnified a little due to the current male female ratio. If we estimate that there is 1 female MC per 100 then your looking at a situation presenting a number of issues. That's kinda the math, there are also not enough older female MC's being supported in creating Hip Hop music - there are a number of reasons for this... These are important voices that need to be heard.

F.A.S.A: A few years ago there was a small handful of female MC’s from Nottingham (where your from) has the scene change or improved for female mc’s over the recent years?
C-MONE: I've always believed and still believe there are a lot of females that can MC, really REALLY MC, but don't because it isn't (yet in 2011) seen as an artistic outlet that more women can participate in, at different levels, however this is slooooowly changing with time - with more UK female MC's being featured on channels like A.K.A & high profile artist such as Nicki Minaj rapping, more young girls (junior school) are seeing this work and now putting together their own rhymes - it's seen as fun and creative and accessible to the tweens. This is summut I haven't seen for a while, not since I was 8/9 years old and there were acts like Salt-n-Pepper, Betty Boo & Monie Love.

In Nottingham I'd say that around a similar number of female MC's exist as previously, I heard a track by an emerging artist called Ms Dee the other day, she's got skills. Has mentioned above, in Nottingham and probably across other large cities and counties, current trend, I hear more young girls - tweens putting together their own rhymes, more than previously - watch out boys! Haha!

F.A.S.A: Which artist past or present have inspired your music?
C-MONE: Everything (innumerable) that I've heard that's from the past or present - great music that has a wonderful vibe is inspiring, everything from Sarah Vaughan to People Under the Stairs - all from Kathleen Battle to Faithless & Jean Grae.

F.A.S.A: What has been the highlight of your music career to date?
C-MONE: Ermmmmm. This new album 'Dancing With Mirrors'. Definitely - a dream come true (released via Dark Whisper Records).

F.A.S.A: What more can we expect from you for the rest of 2011?
C-MONE: After the new album drops, I'll be onto the next 1... Writing and recording.

Go check out the album via soundcloud and buy the album via Itunes and Amazon

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