Thursday, 23 June 2011

Kreayshawn (White Girl Mob) - Gucci Gucci [Video]

One of our passions are multi-talented and functional individuals and Kreayshawn fits nicely into this. Not only is this chick from Northern California a Director, Cinematographer, Editor, DJ, Pixel Artist, but she also raps. Coming from a musical household where her mom was in a girl punk-surf fusion band and also a step dad who was a rapper/DJ. It only seemed the natural progression for Kreayshawn to end up in the music business.

There's a lot of buzz around Kreayshawn so watch this space. Her latest single Gucci Gucci is out now click here to buy

Directed By: @FUCKZENTIL
Produced By @StrangeCustoms


  1. She can Rap???Ahahah!! That's a joke? It's crap. Nothing creative. An aborted copy of African women. Insulting and racist. She is not in the 200 charts. Wait until we will see her singing live! They'll have her lip singing.!

  2. A bit harsh no? I'm loving the white girl swag movement. And I love that she put out such an in-your-face video. Good for her! She's making waves!

    Check out another bad ass white girl with a killer video - Meital Dohan's "Yummy Boyz"--



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