Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Keri Hilson’s - ‘The Way You Love Me’ #fail

So I sat down to watch Keri Hilson's music video for her third single of her album (No Boys Allowed, OUT 14.12.10) “The Way You Love Me”. At first, I was excited to see the cameo guest appearance from the likes of JoJo, Dawn (Dirty Money), Faith Evans and the video was even directed by choreographer Laurie Ann Gibson (girl power over load love it).
21 seconds later what can I say this video and track is a surprising #fail. Don’t get me wrong I like Keri Hilson and this track is not a great representation of her writing skills. The video and lyric lacked content and was border line explicit. The acting poor the video even gave the impression it was going to have a good story line but that didn't really go anywhere (you’ll see at the end) may be Laurie Ann Gibson should stick to choreographer! I was left confused and very disappointed.

I hope the next video and track is a lot better than this.
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  1. YUK. I hate it. It's so desperate. Too many talented women desperate to 'make it'.

    Sad times, we need to fix this. The question is 'how?'

    Music is dying...


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