Tuesday, 5 October 2010

42nd Street Mural by Sofia Maldonado - portrayal of a women

I really like muralist's Sofia Maldonado's work. I recently came across her 42nd Street Project which was featured in Times Square, New York. The mural managed to cause a bit of a debate and criticism.

"These negative depictions of women [are] a cartoonish buffoonery that we cannot have," said Anthony (Tony) Herbert, co-founder of the Urban Community Council, a networking group that organized a protest in front of the artwork last month. A huge mural depicting curvy, bling-laden, bosom-baring Afro-Caribbean Latinas in Times Square has spurred demands to bring it down.
"This is an ongoing campaign to ensure that black and Hispanic kids get the opportunity to see heroes in a positive light," Herbert added. "We cannot afford to have this kind of negativity thrown in their faces, in essence saying it's art."
Sofia does address the much debated project, she says "I'm not trying to generalize Latino and black women." more

More for artwork click here

What do you think do these murals depicate women of colour in a bad light? 

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